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Get to know my friends and I will get to know yours.

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Training employees is a big part of any supervisor’s job. Whether it’s formal classroom training, safety meetings, on-the-job training, or coaching, teaching employees how to do their jobs properly is an important part of your supervisory responsibility. Training improves worker performance and productivity. Formal and informal training should build skills and competence as well as help employees understand: One study placed the off-the-job percentages at more than half as many injuries as on the job, with over two-thirds as many deaths as resulted from on-the-job accidents. Other statistics indicated more lost workdays resulting from away-from-work injuries. “Do your new supervisors know the importance of training their employees? Do they know the best ways to make their training efforts effective? Today’s Advisor gives you training information to convey to your new supervisors.”


Presentations/Keynote/Speaking Engagements

  • Enchantment. This speech explains how to influence people’s hearts, minds, and actions. The goal is not to get your own way but to bring about voluntary, enduring, and delightful change. The power of enchantment enables you to maneuver through difficult decisions, break entrenched habits, defy the wisdom of crowds, and get colleagues to work for long-term, mutually beneficial goals.
  • Innovation and product development. This speech inspires and informs companies to innovate. Guy lays out the strategic steps to create new products and services by calling upon his experience with Apple as well as his study of dozens of world-class companies. This speech is ideally suited for events whose underlying purpose is to set new standards of innovation and change the world.
  • Entrepreneurship. This speech provides the fundamental knowledge needed to start a new organization. It covers topics such as fund raising, positioning, branding, recruiting, rainmaking, and business planning. The intended audience is anyone starting anything-from two guys starting the next Google to social activists.
  • Intrapreneurship. This speech illustrates the benefits of treating every company as a startup. It inspires managers to unleash entrepreneurial thinking at established companies while compensating for the unique challenges an internal entrepreneur faces. It fosters the pluck and creativity companies need to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Evangelism, sales, and marketing. This speech enables companies to use secular evangelism to get customers, employees, and partners to believe in a product or service. I chart a complete course for the beginning evangelist that covers such topics as how to define a cause, how to identify good and bad enemies, how to deliver an effective presentation, and how to find, train, and recruit new evangelists. B
  • Technology trends. This speech explains the difference between building a business at the height of exuberance, and the depths of depression, in the recent business cycles. It features practical lessons to accelerate the success of companies in current conditions, and is based on my experience as an investment banker and venture capitalist. Based on: years of suffering.
  • Competition. This speech provides companies with a blueprint for competing with other organizations for customer attention, dollars, and loyalty. It draws upon dozens of examples from technology and consumer companies to teach the audience how to ethically and effectively defeat their competition.

Mitch is a member of the National Speakers Association

NSA’s Beginnings

In 1972, Cavett Robert, CSP, CPAE, realized he was spending more to get bookings as a professional speaker than he was earning from them. He had a vision for an organization where professional speakers could convene to learn, exchange ideas and share experiences. In Cavett’s words, “A desire to help others is our most noble attribute; it gives immortal momentum to life and is our only certain path to heaven.” His vision came to fruition when the National Speakers Association was born in 1973. With very little promotion and mostly through word of mouth, NSA’s membership grew rapidly from 100 members in 1974 to more than 1,000 in 1980 and several thousand today. All the while, Cavett displayed an uncanny ability to inspire others and share his wisdom and expertise. The “spirit of Cavett” – his love, encouragement, generosity and wisdom – has continued to pilot the Association as it grows, and Cavett’s influence lives on in the NSA mission statement, code of ethics, conventions, workshops and professional experts groups (PEGs). Today, we continue to honor Cavett’s legacy by bringing speakers together, by building a more robust industry and by enhancing the quality of professional speakers. The annual Cavett Award commemorates the organization’s roots and honors the top professionals in the speaking industry.


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