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    The Power of Love

    We are all very excited to announce the release of our new book, The Power of Love.  This book is a collaboration with my 2 great friends Chad Hymas CSP/CPAE and Dan Clark CSP/CPAE.

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  • The Power of Preventative Maintenance

    This week I visited a contractor friend of mine at his service shop.  As we moved through the shop he pointed up to a 3 foot square section of the roof where the insulation was missing and hanging down on one side.  “Did I tell …

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  • Get Paid to Speak Event

    Get Paid to Speak Event Get Paid to Speak, from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. will be jam packed with information, inspiration, and great tips and tools. Get Paid To Speak Bob Kittell – Erin Stewart – Darren Johansen Nate Woodbury – Darin Adams and Chad …

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  • Mitch Seehusen speaks on safety-Mitch Safety Speaker Mitch Seehusen speaks on safety.

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  • How to Turn a Speech into a Six-Figure Relationship-Mitch Safety Speaker

      How to Turn a Speech into a Six-Figure Relationship Register Now! Join us January 15th, for a chance to learn from the NSA National President – Ron Karr. We are going to use his expertise to not only grow your speaking career but also to …

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  • Safety Begins at Home – Mitch Safety Speaker

    My friend Terry is the chief safety officer for a large commercial construction company based in Salt Lake City. We were having a discussion recently on the importance of Safety in the day to day operation of their business.  I asked him how they drive …

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    Grow A Pair by Larry Winget Reviewed

    My friend and Mentor Larry Winget Published a new book that released this week.  This book follows Larry’s previous 5 New York Times Bestselling books. This new book is destined to join the others as a Best Seller! Grow A Pair  is a How to …

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  • MitchCartoon21

    7 Little Tricks To Speak In Public With No Fear

    1) Admit nervousness All you have to do is admit that you are a bit nervous speaking to your audience. When you do this, the audience will be more forgiving if your nervousness shows up later on. More importantly you will feel more relaxed now …

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